The RSMediaGallery! Slideshow Module enables you to display an RSMediaGallery! slideshow in a module position. Installing is done using the standard Joomla! installation procedure, as follows:

  • Go to Extensions - Install/Uninstall
  • Browse for the file
  • Click on Upload & Install

Note: Please make sure that you enable the module after installing it.

The module offers a large number of configuration options that are split in multiple categories, like choosing the images that you want to show (these are set by their tags), setting up properties for the images (thumbnail size, ordering, number of displayed images etc.), slideshow appearance, slideshow settings (auto-start, pause on hover) and slideshow effects.

RSMediaGallery! Slideshow Module

Along with the RSMediaGallery! rev. 5 we released the Advanced Module Slideshow. Aside from the default Joomla! module settings, it offers more configuration options (i.e. Slider type, effects, progress bar, etc). For more information on the module, follow the link to the Advanced Slideshow Module Article.

The module can also be displayed within the article using the {loadposition myposition} syntax. You can read more on this topic here.

RSMediaGallery! Advanced Slideshow Module

  • Sleeping Cat

    Sleeping Cat

  • Sitting Cat

    Sitting Cat

  • Bro Cats

    Bro Cats

  • Leg Cat

    Leg Cat